12 September 2007


“Seen from distance the wallpaper seems simply an antique baroque motive, but coming closer you will discover that thousands of ants are crawling on the walls creating this baroque wallpaper…”
This ANT’IQUE wallpaper is a winner project of “New Walls, Please!” 2007. ANT’IQUE wallpaper has been created by young and talented team GAMplusFRATESI.

GAMplusFRATESI is a designer union, including Stine Gam from Denmark and Enrico Fratesi from Italy. The artists claim that this union of two countries helps them find their project ideas. With their design they wish to tell a story that finds inspiration from the simple everyday gestures to the deeper parts of our cultures in a fusion of technology, poetry and tradition. GAMplusFRATESI have a great success all over the world, they participate in numerous exhibitions all over the world: NewYork, Las Vegas, Berlin ,London, Milano, Copenhagen.

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