18 September 2007

Stella Artois: Le Courage

Update #1: CREDITS
The Stella Artois experience was developed at Lowe Worldwide by creative director Matthew Bull, creatives (La Bouteille, L’Origine, La Publicité) Johan Tesch and Tim Scheibel, creatives Kalle dos Santos, Johan Holmström , Håkan Engler and Rickard Villard, copywriters Mats Brun and Henrik Haeger, motion/web designers Daniel Isaksson, Noel Pretorius, Linus Niklasson, Dread and Alex Kerber, programmers Alex Kerber , Robin Gavin, Dread, and agency producers Espen Bekkebraten, Jane Rattle, Tania Bruce.

Film directors were Martin Krejci (Stink), Joakim Eliasson (Film de Liberte) and Jan Kalvoda (Stillking), with photographers Henrik Stenberg, Stepan
Kucera, Martin Matiácek.

Since there last web-release Stella Artois is known for it's highly sophisticated interactive video-and-3D "game-experiences". (Remember that weird invention-wheel where you had to decipher and remember code and clicks) Now it is back with a brand new campaign, Discover the world in 1366, Le Courage. "La Bouteille" is one lovely lady's wish or one man's undying quest. Fully drawing a motion picture card for this new interactive story, LOWE WORLDWIDE proves his expertise on a supreme level.

Le Courage is the latest interactive invention, you are challenged to the quest of the world in 1366

1. First you have to Save the hops from falling off the edge of the world, balance the world (tip: use your mouse and move from left to right)

2. Then scare the dark and evil spirits away by lighting the candle again (tip: click em flying lights) - there's some very cool effects of dark shades in this section.

3. Next is saving the harvest from the wrath of the Gods, watch the clouds closely (tip: click the barrel left-side under the middle)

4. The Battle of good versus evil is to scare away the evil spirit before it can drink or steal the beer (tip: awake the guards and shout very loud :) )

5. This one found rather hard, prevent the sun from setting in the water and drowning the boat (tip: move the sun by touching the screen very hard!! not too hard off course)

If you fail all the precious beer is lost!

Make the stars fall and bring good spirits of perfection to the night the beer is finished.

The beer is brewed, a star is born.. You deserve a Stella!

This was really a cool online experience, Matt, thanks and congrats!
Btw did y'all know that you can get a Stella in allmost every pub and club in NewYork?