10 September 2007


You love glass and steel, 'r never afraid to look up high into the sky and raving madness creeps up your spine as you dream of jumping it one day then this link will surely make your day.


  1. Jepla, kiekt te ki do si.
    Een post ip Lander zn blog.
    Coole foto's! Zijn da allemaal de joene, zoja dan eje en talent dak nog nie van weten.
    Zo nie toch tof daje in NY ziet gewist e!

    Voor int geval dat int alleen int engels te doen is:

    Hey lander,
    My first post on Lander blog site.
    Very nice pictures. Are they yours? Yes? Then you have a talent that i didnt now about.
    If not? Well, im sure NY was cool!

    groetjes uit twesten.

    Mr T. aka Tillimanjaro :)

  2. Yes Yes it my finger pushing that button, my eye looking that lens, my senses saying "click click click", the gangsters going "boom boom boom" but they didn't let me publish those pics unfort.