30 September 2007

Proximity BBDO

As from tomorrow I'll be working for Proximity BBDO, formerly known as Atmosphere. They are part of the BBDO Worldwide group. I'd like to note that this blog will stay my personal online scrapbook as it has always been, there will be no connection between the strategy and vision of BBDO what-so-ever, in other words, my point of view stated on the blog is will not always be the same as the one the company strives for. Off course it would not be in place to go against their visions in public. I find that more than natural as I will be part of there organisation and team in the future. I will be working there as Online Art Director focussing mostly on online and interactive projects. I take great pride in the fact that Proximity BBDO trusts me for taking on this new challenge, that's why I'll freeze all future freelance activities from now on. Off course I'll finish current projects. I'll focus on my illustrative work after hours, and get a french and AS3 course.