26 June 2008

Castrol Performance Index

The Castrol Performance Index offers you a nice and up to date tracking device for the Euro2008, I know I've posted it far too late in according the track of the tournament but anyway...this handy widget offers on the fly latest updates of players, teams and dirty inside details.


What color is your palette? Take a break from the wordy Web and peruse COLOURlovers to find out. Although the site caters to design professionals who want to show off or share ideas about color and pattern, it's fun for lay people too. Browse through the various swatches, palettes and patterns to help inspire your next creative project — or your next clothes-shopping trip. The site's excellent blog doles out tips, like how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid, and will teach you something new about color every day.

— Anita Hamilton (TIME 50 Best Websites 2008)

COLOURlovers™ is a resource that monitors and influences color trends. COLOURlovers gives the people who use color - whether for ad campaigns, product design, or even in architectural specification - a place to check out a world of color, compare color palettes, submit news and comments, and read color related articles and interviews.

The COLOURlovers™ community is regularly updated with information and examples of the way colors are used in the real world -- along with news articles on color trends and interviews with top creative professionals. Here everyone who is interested in the practical applications of color can find an index of color trends as they are happening. Together, they create a color trend index for the entire world provided by users of color worldwide. It's a tool designers and artists of all kinds use to work with colors in new ways and quickly find out what's hot and what's not. This site allows anyone to find their inspiration for color by searching, sorting and filtering through keywords to a color scheme that interests them... or create and share your own!

Oh and they have this love Air app. called COLOURlovers Desktop Color Finder
You can use the Desktop Color Finder to search our entire database of nearly 1 million named colors and more than 300,00 user created color palettes.

25 June 2008

Zattoo: soccer censored

Damn, if you're having no tv it's uncomfortable following the european cup sometimes. Ok, true ... mostly I go out with some friends have a beer at a bar and watch big screen, or watch at somebodies tele. But at the beginning of the tournament I used that cool app called Zattoo. Now today I wanted to watch the semi-final bigscreen (yeahs, on my laptop thru the prooOOOoojector ah'haa) at home. But guess Zattoo was recalled for broadcasting VT4 during the cup. I'm afraid they got too many spectators since they're published article in de Morgen.

Why oh why Lord! - damn journalists - fucking mainstream :p

24 June 2008

Thinking for a living

“If a design doesn't feel good in your heart, what the mind thinks doesn't matter.”
April Greiman

Most of us are thinking for a living, these guys are feeling it too.

23 June 2008


“If it is not beautiful, it does not belong on your face,” claims Yves Behar, chief designer of the new Jawbone Bluetooth® headset. This new design is 50% smaller than the original Jawbone and is operated by ‘invisible buttons’ on the touch-sensitive outer surface. The Jawbone is constructed with ultra smooth medical-grade plastic and available in black, gold or silver with optional leather ear loops. It is the only Bluetooth® headset with a Voice Activity Sensor that touches the skin of the wearer, feeling the speech and distinguishes the human voice from background noise, effectively removing ambient noise from the conversation. We’re happy to start seeing ear pieces that look more like an accesory that works with your sunglasses and your watch than one from the set of Star Trek (we’re looking at you Motorola). Get yours here for 129.99, package includes wall charger, USB Cable, 3 earbuds, and 4 earloops.

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Alex trochut

It's Nice That Trochut

20 June 2008

HBO Voyeur - BBDO New York

An HBO outdoor ad in which a short film allowing passers-by to watch goings-on inside eight apartments was projected on to a building last night won a grand prix award at the Cannes International Advertising Festival
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HBO Voyeur is by this the most stunning integrated winning campaign of 2008. The campaign rolled out by BBDO New York with the support of Big Spaceship

19 June 2008

Cannes lions

Originally uploaded by Proximity BBDO.

With ProximityBBDO winning 2 bronze Lions in Cannes, and the weather being notchy sunshine; it was only good times!

14 June 2008

BBDO - Champion of the BTL medialeague 2008

Originally uploaded by Proximity BBDO.

Smiling faces at the Chamionship-gala. BBDO won all but one match at this years BTL medialeague. So we had a reason to smile, obviously.

Next week I'll be posing at the Lions in Cannes, so post frequency will be off track. Enjoy!

13 June 2008

Moodstream by Getty Images

What is Moodstream? It’s a concepting tool. The modern version of the fireplace. An interactive art piece. TV for the future. It’s a website we created for and with Getty Images to showcase all of their offerings – still, video and sound – and inspire interactive creatives. And it’s really, really fun to use.

Oh, AND, it’s in .NET. I mean, come on.

12 June 2008


Publisher Actar says: Verb Crisis examines architectural solutions to the extraordinary conditions of an increasingly dense and interdependent world.It presents innovative projects and research through original photos, essays, and exclusive interviews with key figures from architecture and urban planning to environmental, economic, and global affairs. Confronted by shifting densities and uncharted urban transformations, Crisis tackles the conflict between the physical limits of architectural design and the demands on the practice for an updated social relevance.

design by: TwoPoints

10 June 2008

Operating Table

Operating Table
Originally uploaded by fiznatty.

A chamber for the study of human anatomy.
See more photos at www.maxwaugh.com

07 June 2008


Modernista! believes advertising is more of an art than a science and that truly great creative work is priceless in today's cluttered market of parity products.

Modernista!s goal is to work with a select group of clients who love and appreciate great advertising as much as they do and who truly want help building their brand.

Lastly, Modernista! wishes to create a work environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance and passion, and one that is agile enough to move swiftly in today's business environment.

Next to that they have launched a very surprising way of presenting themself online. In stead of implementing all the existing networks and platform in bits and pieces, or just using external links they've offered a very rare way of browsing their work.

Modernista! calls it "viewing Modernista! through the eyes of the web". The Boston-based ad agency simply host their biog, showreels, project images, news feeds and contact information on sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Google News, Google Maps and YouTube.

But in fact it's not really a website at all, a DTHML menu which sits on top of an inline frame. So the menu is really the only thing they host themselfs, the rest is out there live on the web - they just link to it. Clever and very 2.0h!isH

* anyway I've read the there's a claim, off course, of someone who has done it first ... but hey! we've been building houses since the stoneAge. Nobody claims it's not done to build another grey house using a specific concrete brick with black roof of some nature stone (yes my house :) ) because someone else has done it as well, huh.

06 June 2008

Full-screen web browser

What Is Plainview?
The Barbarians are excited to share with you our latest software offering, Plainview. It’s a little something we’ve been kicking around based on a need we had internally. Once we found a good solution, we figured it’d be useful for other digital professionals, so we figured we’d offer it up to you.

The Barbarians let you know about their product that:

What is Plainview?
Plainview is a full-screen web browser.

That’s it?
Well, it does a few other things – but yeah, basically that’s it.

Why is this useful?
We Barbarians give a lot of presentations. A lot of speeches. A lot of Dog and Pony shows. People want to see our work. And the work we do is on the Internet. And, until now, we really had two options for showing our Internet work: we could capture it all to Quicktime, and throw it into Powerpoint or Keynote, so we could present in a nice full-screen mode that looked professional, or we could try to show it in the browser, and have all that ugly chrome distracting people from our beautiful sites. Both of these options had their pros and cons – full-screen looks sweet, but you lose the interactivity of the site, everything has to be canned. And showing things in a browser lets you show the site’s interactivity, but, again, that ugly chrome.
So now we have a third option. Fire up your full-screen browser and let your audience focus on the work.
Also, we’re an Internet company! We have all these people here who can use Flash and make HTML presentations and do cool things with video. But we do NOT have a bunch of people who make really great looking Powerpoint presentations. Now we can do our presentations with the tools we are comfortable with, and have them look just as awesome as PowerPoint. Well, actually, a whole lot more awesome.

What else does Plainview do?
Plainview has a presentation mode – so you can build a presentation of, say, 10 sites you’ve built, and then show them one by one. Skip to the next site by hitting a hot key. We use this a lot for our Dog and Pony shows. We fire up one site we’ve done. Browse around. Show it. Time to move on? Skip to the next site, without opening up a location bar. Seamless, beautiful presentations.
You can also save presentations, add bookmarks, import your bookmarks, exit full-screen mode, open multiple windows, and view Quicktime movies. And check out the slick way we manage popups!

How did you make Plainview?
Plainview is a Mac OS X Cocoa app that uses WebKit. We spoke at WWDC last year about building Cocoa applications using WebKit, so we figured we’d better release one. As big Mac nerds, we’ve been messing around with Cocoa for quite some time, and what with that whole iPhone thing and all, our interest was heightened even more.
Can Plainview run in locked “kiosk” mode?
Yes. Type command-/ and plainview asks for an administrator password and then runs in kiosk mode. Instant kiosk!

How much does Plainview cost?
Plainview is free. Enjoy.


DOWNLOAD it here
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Eye Playstation

Marc Paeps is since recently one of my favorite belgian photographers, the atmosphere and colorpower that almost always sprouts out of the image is amazing.
With the Eye of Playstation (TBWA/Belgium) I had a sudden frenzy because I saw it on Christophe Huet's portfolio without ever hearing his name mentioned in the credits, while actually it's guys like Christophe that make hard work of photography to crisp it all to the max, and marc taking all credit on the CCB. But the very modest Christophe replies quietly that:
"I think you didn't see my name for the retouching.
I've never been credited on any ads, therefore on any awards.
I'm happy to work with nice photographers and they respect me and my job, as I respect them. That's the most important thing to me.
I'm paid for what I do. I don't expect anything with awards, even if I know it can help (photographers and agencies of course)"

Honesty modesty, haaah, it still exists. Btw Christophe has a wonderfull soundtrack on his website and if I don't remember wrong ... he wrote it himself

vector experiment

vector experiment
Originally uploaded by Undesign.

Ethereal Wallpaper

Ethereal Wallpaper
Originally uploaded by edpeixoto.

Vitamin D

Dutch House of Photography

Amazing quality of photos by New York / Amsterdam based Dutch House of Photography

How nerdy are you?

04 June 2008

KBC Jongeren

KBC, one of Belgium's biggest banks has an extensive youth recruitment and treatment communication-program. Strategically, all major guidelines are set out by BBDO's cells intended for, and recently KBC has started pushing forward in this direction. Off course surfing waves of new main strategic setouts isn't always a easy to easily implement and persue. But, after mounting the ship into the big wide ocean, it has set sail and that is now catching more wind than just a slight draft. Example projects are: KBC-festivals which I designed as well (full credits are to be found in an older post), and there's projects like KBC-world (recruiting) and many others ...

As over more then I can say about it, youngsters are the bottom line in the whole idea. So we've set up a major portal for youngsters to get togheter. full blown AJAX-yes sir! A hell of job, sure thing. Lots of other heavy stuff to account with, well off course. Anxious to get things started, why ask.

So there's a "light" version, or rather a BETA for this platform which we've launched recently. Now, temporarely, only communicated to subscribers but you can subscribe on the page itself as well. Anyway, posted images are just a small sneakpeak for the future youth-platform we're building.

Out Soon: End of (his)story

"Met droefheid in ons hart kondigen we jullie aan dat de activiteiten van Out Soon, het meest gelezen dance music & clubbing magazine van België, na zestien jaar, voorlopig worden onderbroken. Het moederbedrijf besliste, gezien de evolutie van de muziekwereld in het algemeen en de clubscene in het bijzonder, deze moeilijke beslissing te nemen.

We bedanken bij deze alle adverteerders die in ons geloofd hebben, alsook de journalisten en alle spelers in het elektronische milieu, maar vooral ook al onze lezers die met ons al die jaren dit mooie avontuur hebben beleefd."

03 June 2008

OUR MOUNTAIN - a traveling art experience

Element Skateboards organised an expo in Milan, with an aperitivo Tuesday the 10th at Nana's in via Tortona

Characterize Facebook

6 Things you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask (and even if you did, i'd never be able to answer the question of "what character-type kinda guy are you" anyway) This is me according to my Facebook-friends :) as long as they keep improving these applications sooner or later somebody in Beijng is going to know my girlfriend better then I do, huhoj.

Btw I'm building (not at the very moment but as soon as I have mastered a bible of PhP someday) a Facebook-application called "what size are you". A simple but effective questionnaire polling what size and weight who has, and off course you can add that piece of info onto your profile. And then you can add some very usefull data to your cv for instance: "Hey I'm Maria (fyi: all names are randomly picked, just in case some Cristian purist media-boss in Detroit who can possibly be the head of marketing, is reading my bloglog) I know a lot about the Creative Suit package of Adobe, I script a lil' and worked at companies like Mosterize and Frankfurter Saucages. I'm looking for a job, obviously, and I'm a teamplayer. Oh btw check my Facebook, it has lots of pictures of me being drunk and lying naked on table, and I've completed my profile so no need to bother and check that I'm blond, 6 foot tall, have a C-cup size 80 and am about 50 ounces of good working power.
CEO: nodding ...
CD: you got the job, next!

Outlandish Kolaps

New expo by Outlandish (oh btw if you surf to the website, never mind the thumbs, it's some kind of special encounter of harmony between the image and some grey solid)

02 June 2008

It's about time

Former collegue of mine, Lisa Allegretta (a wild-bird originating from Florida) and an old 'friend' (we hung at some bars late at night) of mine Monsieur Moiré

When: Friday, June 6th
Time: Starting at 6pm (open bar 6-11pm)
Where: Design Center Winkelhaak, Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, 2060 Antwerpen