23 June 2008


“If it is not beautiful, it does not belong on your face,” claims Yves Behar, chief designer of the new Jawbone Bluetooth® headset. This new design is 50% smaller than the original Jawbone and is operated by ‘invisible buttons’ on the touch-sensitive outer surface. The Jawbone is constructed with ultra smooth medical-grade plastic and available in black, gold or silver with optional leather ear loops. It is the only Bluetooth® headset with a Voice Activity Sensor that touches the skin of the wearer, feeling the speech and distinguishes the human voice from background noise, effectively removing ambient noise from the conversation. We’re happy to start seeing ear pieces that look more like an accesory that works with your sunglasses and your watch than one from the set of Star Trek (we’re looking at you Motorola). Get yours here for 129.99, package includes wall charger, USB Cable, 3 earbuds, and 4 earloops.

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