03 June 2008

Characterize Facebook

6 Things you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask (and even if you did, i'd never be able to answer the question of "what character-type kinda guy are you" anyway) This is me according to my Facebook-friends :) as long as they keep improving these applications sooner or later somebody in Beijng is going to know my girlfriend better then I do, huhoj.

Btw I'm building (not at the very moment but as soon as I have mastered a bible of PhP someday) a Facebook-application called "what size are you". A simple but effective questionnaire polling what size and weight who has, and off course you can add that piece of info onto your profile. And then you can add some very usefull data to your cv for instance: "Hey I'm Maria (fyi: all names are randomly picked, just in case some Cristian purist media-boss in Detroit who can possibly be the head of marketing, is reading my bloglog) I know a lot about the Creative Suit package of Adobe, I script a lil' and worked at companies like Mosterize and Frankfurter Saucages. I'm looking for a job, obviously, and I'm a teamplayer. Oh btw check my Facebook, it has lots of pictures of me being drunk and lying naked on table, and I've completed my profile so no need to bother and check that I'm blond, 6 foot tall, have a C-cup size 80 and am about 50 ounces of good working power.
CEO: nodding ...
CD: you got the job, next!

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