04 June 2008

KBC Jongeren

KBC, one of Belgium's biggest banks has an extensive youth recruitment and treatment communication-program. Strategically, all major guidelines are set out by BBDO's cells intended for, and recently KBC has started pushing forward in this direction. Off course surfing waves of new main strategic setouts isn't always a easy to easily implement and persue. But, after mounting the ship into the big wide ocean, it has set sail and that is now catching more wind than just a slight draft. Example projects are: KBC-festivals which I designed as well (full credits are to be found in an older post), and there's projects like KBC-world (recruiting) and many others ...

As over more then I can say about it, youngsters are the bottom line in the whole idea. So we've set up a major portal for youngsters to get togheter. full blown AJAX-yes sir! A hell of job, sure thing. Lots of other heavy stuff to account with, well off course. Anxious to get things started, why ask.

So there's a "light" version, or rather a BETA for this platform which we've launched recently. Now, temporarely, only communicated to subscribers but you can subscribe on the page itself as well. Anyway, posted images are just a small sneakpeak for the future youth-platform we're building.

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