25 June 2008

Zattoo: soccer censored

Damn, if you're having no tv it's uncomfortable following the european cup sometimes. Ok, true ... mostly I go out with some friends have a beer at a bar and watch big screen, or watch at somebodies tele. But at the beginning of the tournament I used that cool app called Zattoo. Now today I wanted to watch the semi-final bigscreen (yeahs, on my laptop thru the prooOOOoojector ah'haa) at home. But guess Zattoo was recalled for broadcasting VT4 during the cup. I'm afraid they got too many spectators since they're published article in de Morgen.

Why oh why Lord! - damn journalists - fucking mainstream :p


  1. Probably licensing problems rather than ze fokkin mainstream. But thanks for the tip! Now I can see Kaat & Co from here!

  2. Dude, La Deux is showing the match although in French on Zattoo, I guess even the Flemish can cope for 90 minutes of that :), Simon