07 June 2008


Modernista! believes advertising is more of an art than a science and that truly great creative work is priceless in today's cluttered market of parity products.

Modernista!s goal is to work with a select group of clients who love and appreciate great advertising as much as they do and who truly want help building their brand.

Lastly, Modernista! wishes to create a work environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance and passion, and one that is agile enough to move swiftly in today's business environment.

Next to that they have launched a very surprising way of presenting themself online. In stead of implementing all the existing networks and platform in bits and pieces, or just using external links they've offered a very rare way of browsing their work.

Modernista! calls it "viewing Modernista! through the eyes of the web". The Boston-based ad agency simply host their biog, showreels, project images, news feeds and contact information on sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Google News, Google Maps and YouTube.

But in fact it's not really a website at all, a DTHML menu which sits on top of an inline frame. So the menu is really the only thing they host themselfs, the rest is out there live on the web - they just link to it. Clever and very 2.0h!isH

* anyway I've read the there's a claim, off course, of someone who has done it first ... but hey! we've been building houses since the stoneAge. Nobody claims it's not done to build another grey house using a specific concrete brick with black roof of some nature stone (yes my house :) ) because someone else has done it as well, huh.

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