06 June 2008

Eye Playstation

Marc Paeps is since recently one of my favorite belgian photographers, the atmosphere and colorpower that almost always sprouts out of the image is amazing.
With the Eye of Playstation (TBWA/Belgium) I had a sudden frenzy because I saw it on Christophe Huet's portfolio without ever hearing his name mentioned in the credits, while actually it's guys like Christophe that make hard work of photography to crisp it all to the max, and marc taking all credit on the CCB. But the very modest Christophe replies quietly that:
"I think you didn't see my name for the retouching.
I've never been credited on any ads, therefore on any awards.
I'm happy to work with nice photographers and they respect me and my job, as I respect them. That's the most important thing to me.
I'm paid for what I do. I don't expect anything with awards, even if I know it can help (photographers and agencies of course)"

Honesty modesty, haaah, it still exists. Btw Christophe has a wonderfull soundtrack on his website and if I don't remember wrong ... he wrote it himself

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