21 August 2008

20 August 2008


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Kalmar Konstmuseum

The Kalmar Konstmuseum is a new space for contemporary art in southern Sweden and Stockholm-based studio Sweden Graphics were invited to design the identity and signage for the building. We asked Sweden’s Nille Svensson to talk us through the project, which involved stencilling directly onto the building’s walls…

Full article at CR

19 August 2008

Proximity BBDO - Best cases 2007

Well here it is, finally... A lot of collegues and ex-classmates often look weird when I answer their question: "so where do you work nowadays?", I reply, "Proximity BBDO". People that know about advertising-networks look weird because you're combining worlds two biggest networks (BBDO as the biggest above-network and Proximity as one of the biggest below-networks) into 1 company, and people who don't know about advertising-networks look weird because it's not really a very renown belgian ad-agency (yet?).

Well, at first, Proximity BBDO is actually only but a year (or so) old. We'd like to see the birth of Proximity BBDO as the beginning of this year but in reality, and officially, it was set out somewhere along the road in 2007. Proximity BBDO is the fusion of several agencies that were allready working inside of Belgium's BBDO-group (which contains many others like DarwinBBDO, NavajoBBDO, N'lil, Germain and Pleon). Tjose three companies (DirectBBDO, AtmosphereBBDO and Proximity) each had there own speciality, or rather industry benchmarks. DirectBBDO was obviously focused on direct marketing, Proximity was mainly working on marketing and CRM and Atmosphere triggered some activation-events, loyalty-programs and contests through websites which was there strenght.

These three companies feld the need to combine forces to be able to deploy enough resources, who were working intercompany on almost every project anyway. Small remark as cherry on the pie in this fusion is that these combined forces by this fusion form Belgium's biggest headcount-company in the advertising industry, employing profiles that include art directors with off-and online experience, copywriters, accounts, strategists, marketeers, business developers, multimedia devolopers, flashscripters, designers both off-and online, production people, a small callcenter, .net developers, Jeez I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Anyway this post was all about showcasing the work we did before the point in time of what we at Proximity BBDO all see as the birth of our new nation.

Olympic Medal Count Map

A Map of Olympic Medals

Circles are sized by the number of medals that countries won in summer Olympic Games. Use the slider to view past Olympics, or click on a country to display a list of its medal winners.

Sounds familiar?

... yes damn, or in my case I'd rather replace the last with "I'd like a website for my whatever-I-do can you make it asap, doesn't have to be anything extra-ordinary but it does have to stand out though... You can do whatever you like exept A, B, C, D, E, F, G. And Off course apply whatever colors to it but try avoiding I, J, K, L, M, N O, P. Oh and timing is never an issue but can you send me some layouts before Q then I'll let you know that you've forgotten to insert R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y. And oh yeah, I'd like to mail the URL to my friends and contacts before Z. Would you be so kind to do that for me, cool! After that I'll never call you again because you didn't really do what I had in mind and since I didn't pay you for it I don't owe you anything."

Misprinted Type

The Brazilian artist/designer/font creator, Eduardo Recife, just released the 4th version of his amazing Misprinted Type.

14 August 2008

Megalomania !

Megalomania !
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You Interest Me

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Round and round

Round and round
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State Fair of Texas 101: A Brief History

State Fair of Texas, Inc. is the organization responsible for producing the well-known event of the same name. A 24-day showcase of entertainment, exhibits and competition, it's presented in Dallas each fall in historic Fair Park, a 277-acre complex recognized for its beautiful landscaping and unique collection of art deco architecture.

Founded in Dallas in 1886 by a group of civic leaders who wanted to focus attention on their young city's accomplishments and prospects, the State Fair of Texas has consistently offered its visitors a first look at the newest and best in products and performances.

Many national corporations and local businesses participate in the Fair as sponsors and exhibitors. The event's total economic impact on the Dallas/ Fort Worth area has been calculated at more than $300 million annually. State Fair of Texas, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation. It receives no funds from state, federal or local government and is entirely self-supporting. Programs and policies are set by a 55-member board of directors.


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Darwin, a (mostly) ghost town west of California's Death Valley.


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Custo_LA 18 © studio.es

Custo_LA 18 © studio.es
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again, same site, this dress just fits sarah like a gloves don't it! I really miss california for shooting, there are so many locations, not like here in europe where it's all busy and there are buildings everywhere. I like this one because of her pose, kinda like the urban decay feel to it...

Kiss the sky

Kiss the sky
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Every sunrise scene needs a man in a bunny suit...

13 August 2008


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I wish Belgian sportsteams had cheerleaders, owhjeah!

Nepal Coca-Cola distribution

Nepal Coca-Cola distribution
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Katmandu Manual distribution, Coca-Cola system.

12 August 2008

God is watching you

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... two types of legwear

... two types of legwear
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Toilet with ocean view...

toilet with ocean view...
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Ferrer store by Studio Arne Quinze

Carla Ferrer
opens high-end concept store designed by Studio Arne Quinze in Nieuwpoort-Bad, Belgium.

Belgians be forewarned for a new addiction, as Ferrer, a new high-end fashion store designed by Studio Arne Quinze, just recently opened its doors to the public.

The clothing in the store is clustered around carpets and hanging screens or laid on pearlescent, textured shelves, walls and counters.

Mysterious shining curtains, ornamented with little crystals knotted into the strands seclude these little fashion paradises from the rest of the space. The sparkling gems lure the shopper inside.

Owner of Ferrer, Carla Ferrer, is a well-known figure in the international fashion scene. Backing up on years of experience in the fashion industry and given her Southern European roots, opening Ferrer seemed only a logical next step in her career. ‘I want customers to discover their own style in my shop,’ as she puts it.