19 August 2008

Proximity BBDO - Best cases 2007

Well here it is, finally... A lot of collegues and ex-classmates often look weird when I answer their question: "so where do you work nowadays?", I reply, "Proximity BBDO". People that know about advertising-networks look weird because you're combining worlds two biggest networks (BBDO as the biggest above-network and Proximity as one of the biggest below-networks) into 1 company, and people who don't know about advertising-networks look weird because it's not really a very renown belgian ad-agency (yet?).

Well, at first, Proximity BBDO is actually only but a year (or so) old. We'd like to see the birth of Proximity BBDO as the beginning of this year but in reality, and officially, it was set out somewhere along the road in 2007. Proximity BBDO is the fusion of several agencies that were allready working inside of Belgium's BBDO-group (which contains many others like DarwinBBDO, NavajoBBDO, N'lil, Germain and Pleon). Tjose three companies (DirectBBDO, AtmosphereBBDO and Proximity) each had there own speciality, or rather industry benchmarks. DirectBBDO was obviously focused on direct marketing, Proximity was mainly working on marketing and CRM and Atmosphere triggered some activation-events, loyalty-programs and contests through websites which was there strenght.

These three companies feld the need to combine forces to be able to deploy enough resources, who were working intercompany on almost every project anyway. Small remark as cherry on the pie in this fusion is that these combined forces by this fusion form Belgium's biggest headcount-company in the advertising industry, employing profiles that include art directors with off-and online experience, copywriters, accounts, strategists, marketeers, business developers, multimedia devolopers, flashscripters, designers both off-and online, production people, a small callcenter, .net developers, Jeez I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Anyway this post was all about showcasing the work we did before the point in time of what we at Proximity BBDO all see as the birth of our new nation.

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