14 August 2008

Round and round

Round and round
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State Fair of Texas 101: A Brief History

State Fair of Texas, Inc. is the organization responsible for producing the well-known event of the same name. A 24-day showcase of entertainment, exhibits and competition, it's presented in Dallas each fall in historic Fair Park, a 277-acre complex recognized for its beautiful landscaping and unique collection of art deco architecture.

Founded in Dallas in 1886 by a group of civic leaders who wanted to focus attention on their young city's accomplishments and prospects, the State Fair of Texas has consistently offered its visitors a first look at the newest and best in products and performances.

Many national corporations and local businesses participate in the Fair as sponsors and exhibitors. The event's total economic impact on the Dallas/ Fort Worth area has been calculated at more than $300 million annually. State Fair of Texas, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation. It receives no funds from state, federal or local government and is entirely self-supporting. Programs and policies are set by a 55-member board of directors.

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