27 November 2009

Guerrilla Advertising 2: Call for entries

Guerrilla Advertising 2 - More Unconventional Brand Communications

Following on from Guerrilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communication (published by Laurence King, 2006), CR's Gavin Lucas is currently collecting work to potentially feature in a second volume that will showcase more non-traditional advertising and marketing campaigns from recent years ...

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To read a bit about the original Guerrilla Advertising book, click through to this link: tinyurl.com/GuerrillaAdvertising

26 November 2009

Resonance - what to do next

A short film by Continuum called “Resonance,” talks about the importance of consumer insights in generating design ideas. While most of us will be familiar with their approach and methodologies, it is a worthy case study of a clear presentation of services that caries a sense of transparency and honesty.

16 November 2009

Adidas presents Teamgeist - Every team needs a jersey with a story

A jersey with a story is much more than just a jersey. It's a symbol for belonging, passion, expectations, ambitions. Every player, every team, every fan, should know this. Understanding this will make them stronger. But what if there is no story, no history, no identity.

Adidas presents the Teamgeist game. Every team needs a jersey with a story. The Mannschaft has lost it's identity and needs your help to win it back. Go back in time and recapture the team's three World Cup stars.

North Kingdom, creators of interactive storytelling through gaming.

Absolutely stunning production, again, by North Kingdom. Germany is clearly ready for the 2010 World Cup. And I can add only one more thing to this and that is: There is only one true King, and he is somewhere up North, in Sweden. Remember The Smart Grid and Mentos Kissfight? No? Well, now you will.

Adidas Teamgeist - Welcomescreen (screenshot)

Adidas Teamgeist - Titlescreen 3rd game Navigation (screenshot)

Adidas Teamgeist - Explanation 3rd game (screenshot)


15 November 2009

I Want You To Want Me - a project of datagathering and information design of behaviour on dating profiles

The interactive installation "I Want You To Want Me", by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, for their "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition.

I Want You To Want Me explores the search for love and self in the world of online dating. It chronicles the world's long-term relationship with romance, across all ages, genders, and sexualities, using real data collected from Internet dating sites every few hours.

I Want You To Want Me chronicles the world’s long-term relationship with romance, across all ages, genders, and sexualities, gathering new data from a variety of online dating sites every few hours. The system searches these sites for certain phrases, which it then collects and stores in a database. These phrases, taken out of context, provide partial glimpses into people’s private lives. Simultaneously, the system forms an evolving zeitgeist of dating, tracking the most popular first dates, turn-ons, desires, self-descriptions and interests.

06 November 2009

It's time to bring this place to life.

Guinness launches its most ambitious ad yet. In a parallel with the way a pint of Guinness is created, the ad shows a group of men bringing "a world to life."

Taking on the extreme challenge of creating this epic ad, Director Johnny Green recruited an elite team including Oscar winning set designer Grant Major and Oscar nominated Director of Photography Wally Pfisher.

Director – Johnny Green
Executive Producer - N/A
Producer – Fergus Brown
Advertising Agency - Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creative – Paul Brazier
Agency Producer – Yvonne Chalkley
Production Company - Knucklehead
Director of Photography - Wally Pfister / Joost Van Gelder
Music – composed by Peter Raeburn and Nick Foster at Soundtree called 'Cathartic Waltz'
TV Sound Design / mix - Raja Sehgal & Munzie Thind at Grand Central Studios
Cinema mix - Raja Sehgal at Grand Central Studios
CGI – The Mill, London

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04 November 2009

03 November 2009

Did you watch porn or did your mother?

Sure, your friends may share your love for burgers, or Star Wars, or even the Clippers, but without seeming creepy, how can you find out if they also share your love for French midget-girl-on-girl? By covertly getting even creepier, with Did you watch porn?

Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows. Silver sex and denial.

Did you watch porn? is a helpful/peculiar service that, via covert online methodology, determines what smutty sites your friends have been visiting and then informs you of that list, revealing their private inner desires/giving you new options that might not involve the words "bang" or "bus" or Red Shoe Diaries, Season Three. To get the knowledge party started, just put in your info and your friend's name and email address, and the site will give you a tinyURL to send them (or a form email that looks like spam -- your choice), and once they click, you'll then receive an email with a list of the smut sites they visit frequently, while the URL they've clicked on will reveal both those same links and what you've been up to, which'll be especially creepy when he finds out you're at a public library. You can also set it to post results via a Facebook ap; for all this spy stuff, DYWP's fairly crafty: instead of using a browser history or cache, it scours a master list of hundreds upon thousands of smut sites to determine a difference in clicked vs unclicked link color, making it impossible to cover up, like murdering your ex-wife and Ronald Goldman while wearing tiny, tiny gloves.

Since they troll by list, it's not perfect, and DYWP encourages users to send in sites they may have missed, because, creepy or not, there's enough NakedMidgetClippersFans.org for everyone.