16 November 2009

Adidas presents Teamgeist - Every team needs a jersey with a story

A jersey with a story is much more than just a jersey. It's a symbol for belonging, passion, expectations, ambitions. Every player, every team, every fan, should know this. Understanding this will make them stronger. But what if there is no story, no history, no identity.

Adidas presents the Teamgeist game. Every team needs a jersey with a story. The Mannschaft has lost it's identity and needs your help to win it back. Go back in time and recapture the team's three World Cup stars.

North Kingdom, creators of interactive storytelling through gaming.

Absolutely stunning production, again, by North Kingdom. Germany is clearly ready for the 2010 World Cup. And I can add only one more thing to this and that is: There is only one true King, and he is somewhere up North, in Sweden. Remember The Smart Grid and Mentos Kissfight? No? Well, now you will.

Adidas Teamgeist - Welcomescreen (screenshot)

Adidas Teamgeist - Titlescreen 3rd game Navigation (screenshot)

Adidas Teamgeist - Explanation 3rd game (screenshot)


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