19 September 2007

Vormplus webtools

Vormplus webtools is a basic set of scripts, adding lots of functionallity to TextWrangler. A really popular texteditor. With these tools you can start handcoding XHTML and CSS at the speed of a rocket.
No pricetag attached

Vormplus Webtools is free... And it’s open source, released under the Apache 2.0 License. I made these tools to be more productive when coding XHTML and CSS. You’ll probably like ‘em too…
Less typo’s, better code

“Writing” XHTML tags has never been easier. Just double-click the
right tag on the scripts palette. Vormplus Webtools will insert the tag in your document. You’ll probably never forget to close a tag again.
Easy browsertesting

Send the document you are working on directly to your favorite browser. All popular Mac OS X Browsers are supported1. Safari even offers testing for multiple screensizes. Supported browsers are: Camino, Firefox, Netscape, Opera & Safari

Note the very funny url: http://vormplus.info/rmatica/

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