20 January 2007

T-Star Mono Round

I bought my first typeface, to guide Outlandish' housing-style. T-Star Mono Round comes in three weights and was originally created by Mika Mischler.
Mika Mischler started working on the T-Star Mono Round font in 2001 to create a running text font. In 2002, he adapted the font to a single-spaced font for the index of dgv’s bestseller Los Logos and called it T-Star Mono Round. The corners were rounded to give it more character in big sizes but legible in small for the index. The basic form of the T-Star Mono Round is simple, open and it features several extra characters including those for the web, clients and credits and works especially well in small font sizes.
Purchased via Die-Gestalten, Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv) is an independent, creatively led design and media company based in Berlin.

1 comment:

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