13 March 2010

Idea hill - May the fun be with you

"So you have an idea... You are going to be a star. You're idea will amaze the world. You explain it to the ones who have to buy the idea. They say it is brilliant But maybe a bit too extreme? They say they are not creative but they have a few suggestions to help your idea live. They give you constructive criticism. To make your idea more acceptable to a broader audience, they say. With a few compromises, you get your idea done.

Here's what you should do:
Leave the first idea and find another one. A bigger one. Bigger again. And again. Until they are tired and want to go home. Two possibilities: they buy the new idea, or, they go back to your first idea, saying; "hey, it wasn't that bad was it?".They'll let you do it without compromise.

Your idea will be a success. They will be a success. They'll love you forever."

May the fun be with you — Duval Guillaume

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