04 March 2010


"For an advertising agency, no matter how much we try to deny this, the Big Day is when we stand on that stage in the French Riviera, applauded by the world’s crème de la crème of advertising.

For many advertisers it is too, although it’s even harder for them to admit it.
There’s no secret. Success is what we’re all after. And that’s not bad. Not necessarily. It’s OK to be successful. We want all of you to be a success, and feel free to enjoy it fully. As long as there’s a clear link between your personal success and the success of the brand we’re working for.

So, go on. Define for yourself what ‘your day’ will be. Go after it, full speed ahead. We’ll help you, support you, give you the courage and the means to succeed. As long as your success contributes to the success of the team you’re part of."

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