09 January 2010

The Journey of Courageousness - starring Aleksandr Orlov (The Meerkat)

The Meerkat Saga continues. The film trailer for Aleksandr Orlov's new film, Called The Journey of Courageousness.

Why have I, Aleksandr Orlov, decide to tell tale of my ancestors in thrilling and tender sixty second film?

Let me explain. Some peoples are still not know difference between meerkats and cheap car insurance - between comparethemeerkat.com and comparethemarket.com. This is not just infuriate for me, but also incredibles insult to my noble meerkat ancestors.

The Orlov family has not always been successful family of businesskats.We have endured many hardship and adversities. And in seriousness, we did not go through all that to give you cheap deal on your car insurance!

So, I decide to make film. It is the story of my ancestors' journey from the deserts of the Kalahari to the shores of Russia. I am star as well as director and producer. And I think I am not toot my own horn to say that this is the best film ever made. I am hope you enjoy.

Agency: VCCP

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