24 January 2008

On the road again

Yeah, big bad boyz drive big bad toyz, that's why, finally, I've bought meself a lean mean racingmachine, a car, a chariot, junk on wheels, a sweet sweet 10 year-old Opel Astra 1.7d :)

A pedal and a steerin' wheel is all I need, and it was fuckin' cheap too. But you know what pisses me off bigtime. My assurance is as expensive as my car. If I wouldn't have to pay insurance I'd be able to buy myself an Opel every fucking year, damn.
Some assurance-companies wouldn't give me one even if I payed for it, and why? Because I'm a youngster of 23 living and working in Brussels!? Christ, I'm in their biggest group of prospects goddamned.. Anyway I got insured and am safe now, well at least 'for the record' -safe.

On my journey thru the enormous amount of assurance-offers I found the blog of an organisation of 'very pissed off drivers'. I guess they're tired of paying too much for all this carstuff either... go peep 'em out at www.verypissedoffdrivers.be

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