30 March 2007


My re-design of HEBBES.be is online as from now, HEBBES.be. I was privileged to be assigned the re-design of HEBBES.be during my employment at Snow. HEBBES.be is a client of LG&F for above advertising. So Snow was assigned to do the re-design of all pages and the mailing. It was my favorite project at Snow and I still honour Jay for giving me the responsability over the design of this project and for guiding me thru my first real usabilty-research. Now finally after a few months of waiting... the outcome. I hope Snow and HEBBES.be are happy, at least I am.

Mailing headline is:
"Hebbes.be looks different. different and better!"
It will be even easier to discover the deal of your life, find and achieve your dreamhouse or buy your favorite car. Your opinion matters to us. let us know what you think about the re-design of our new website..."

Original message.
"Hebbes.be ziet er anders uit. Anders en beter!
Het wordt nog gemakkelijker om het huis van je dromen te kopen of een blitse wagen of deal van je leven te vinden. Jullie mening is ook belangrijk voor ons. Laat ons weten wat jullie van de nieuwe site vinden... "

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