16 March 2007


I'm expanding my freelance businesses, keywords are THINK - RELAX - DON'T BE AFRAID - GO FOR IT - FUTUREMIND - BE OPEN - COMMUNICATE
— some usefull links to get up:
» Ten productivity tips at WebDesignFromScratch
» Time managment tips at PixelAcres
» Get them cards at NHGCOnsulting
» On The Job is an unobtrusive, easy to use time tracker. It's not bloated with features you'll never use, yet it's powerful enough to handle all of your time tracking needs. On The Job is perfect for anyone billing by the hour.

And some software to get you on right track:
» Making timesheets obsolete with Slimtimer
» Getting totally organised with Backpackit

And last but not least, Personal information manager by Wikipedia.

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