16 March 2007

Shapish blogs

After having partying fun and chasing girls at higher education we git to know eachother, me and Shapish. huh, lol at first he thought I was this what we call it again "John", and my first impression was that he was this outgrown alternative-Jesus. But what's in a name right, anyway we got along fine, Shapish was the first guy I really met at higher education.. Later on, having mutual interest (in females and work) we'd get togheter more often, spending most of our time argueing about different thoughts and points of view, but heck we got along.. Sometimes we had a kinda averse friendship, but we managed well. Then, when we started working togheter on a freelance project, things got more intense but hell I really appreciated the way we could be open to eachother, even having an intense fight with still keeping the respect and making the progress. Anyway, since he's been shipped across the Atlantic our paths have split and the contact is restricted to the virtual realm. So far for the last five years of Shapish and me.

» Check out his brand new blog at http://blog.shapish.com/ if you aren't a fan allready, click and become one ;) Partyhard!

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