07 October 2008


Absolutely thrilling and mysterious creepyness by Goodby Silverstein and Partners + B-Reel. You can only get on between 6pm and 6am, but if you can’t wait try setting your clock to a different timezone.

There's different stages to go through, very nice implementation of interaction although the NumbersSection was kinda hard to pass... "you not only should to LOOK and what's on the walls but also LISTEN to what the voices are saying. And unfortunately there is no one answer- the code is completely randomized! They couldn't just make it easy- you've probably seen that creepy guy come for you 100 times! ahh!" (Definitely worth putting in the phone number. :)

Very vvvery nice work again for Doritos aka SnackStrongProductions

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  1. Ya, this is a nice game, great for playing with friends together gathered, I have also reviewed it at my website


    Good luck with the game.