18 October 2007

Luck and a clear mind ☃

The rookie, the outsider is now proud owner of the raw and uncut silverplated platter at the WillemTell wall of famous!

That's right, I packed a bar 'o' silver returning from 50head-strong poker-tournament with a 50euro buy-in. All good, I was the short-stack-tight player of the finals but once again that proves that poker is not 'mostly' a game of luck, it is one of patience, mental strenght and skills as well, a little balls might help once in a while but you don't 'em getting cracked so keep your hands in you pocket is my advice.

Finally facing the heads up against a guy sitting on a big stack all game was a tough break, so I decided to get it over with and all-in'd with a pocket 3's. Unfortunatly seing a pocket King call. Yes, incredible... And the flop turned a King ànd a 3 but of course it was a long shot from then on. Well anyway I was pleased silvering my 50euro buy-in and adding it an extra +0.

* Please don't drink and gamble !

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