23 December 2009

Expedition 147: Advertising 11000 meters below sea level.

Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth.

Using the codename 'Expedition 147' - Alfa Romeo dives to the lowest point on earth - 11000 meters below sea level - to promote the lowest price ever to be advertised for an Alfa Romeo.

To amplify the campaign message, Alfa litteraly went deep, really deep. To the lowest point on earth. During an extraordinary expedition a team of expert divers and fishers loaded a 2m" billboard into the almost 11 kilometer deep Mariana Trench near the Island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. A stunt that would really underline the lowest price at the lowest point on earth. The team made a documentary of their adventure. The film is posted on YouTube.

Low, lower, lowest.

Alfa Romeo Belgium explains how the expedition got through: "a while ago we decided to put up a campaign for the 147-model. We wanted to re-introduce the car at the annual carfair in Brussels. The car would be advertised at the lowest price possible. Duval Guillaume answered our brief with an extra-ordinary brand momentum idea."

Geoffrey Hantson : "Price-communication for a car-brand. Not really your most exciting creative brief. Not to mention the fact that consumers get slapped with price offers endlesly. We knew we had to break through the masses and juice the orange and use creative leverage to get the message across. So, we focussed on 'the lowest' and started thinking from that point. We partnered with mediacompany ClearChannel and figured it would be possible to lower a 2m" billboard to the bottom of the ocean. To the lowest point on earth. Almost 11 kilometers below sea level!" — it worked.

The result is a huge expedition recorded documentary style. A team of experts - including marine scientists, engineers, marketeers, directors and creatives - got on board of a fishing boat on to the spot where no bottom of oceans would reach that deep. The 11 kilometer deep Mariana Trench near the Island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Armed with lots of equipment - GPS, radar, computers and a heavy fishing crane used for sharkfishing - the team made the difficult drop...

Watch the complete expedition on www.expedition147.be.


  1. Excellent post. I like the way you present this post. The video was really awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative and interesting post with us. Keep blogging.

  2. Een beetje oldskool reclame niet? Meer zelfs: de ster van het filmpje was het reclamepaneel en niet het product dat geadverteerd moest worden: de auto.

    Verder is het een leuk idee, maar hoe is dit uitgerold? Online zullen de reclamesites er wel over schrijven, maar er zit voor de gewone kijker niets in. Waarom zou je dit delen? One way communication... Maar dan online.

    Hopelijk heeft het veel aandacht opgeleverd in de (niet marketing) pers. Anders vraag ik mij af hoe deze investering nog word uitgespeeld, om ze iet of wat effectief te maken.