25 September 2006

Conflict is good for business

What do 50 Cent, Hugo Chavez, and Steve Jobs have in common?

They realize the value of a good rivalry.
- Hip-hop artists like 50 cent use “beefs” as a source for publicity and promotion all the time.
- Chavez is getting lots of mileage out of casting himself as the Anti-Bush. You may disagree with his views but he’s certainly been effective at getting himself on the world stage (how many other South American presidents can you name?).
- Apple’s Get a Mac campaign uses the Mac-PC rivalry as a frame for defining the advantages of going Mac.

Conflict gets attention
Want people to empty a bar? Tell ‘em there’s a fight going on outside.
It’s a fact of life: Conflict gets people’s attention.
That’s why the right kind of conflict can be a good tool for business. When you have an enemy or disagree with someone else’s ideas, people notice. It helps define you. It shows you stand for something. It clarifes what’s different about you. Just be sure to go for a healthy debate of ideas — not name-calling, flaming, cheap shots, etc. (There’s enough of that crap in the web world already.)

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- Conflict attracts people, hossip > publicity and attention
- People have to choose sides, they're either with you or against you, nothing much in between.
- Title also counts in a social network environment, in dutch we call it "zalven en genezen". Kick your boss in the balls, get ready (better study teh case before striking and hold strong arguments ready for backfire!), don't wait to long to give an apology, but firmly mention why and how... If you handled that kick well, didn't kick too hard and firmly called the excuse you'll have gained at least a notifier and maybe just maybe some respect and earning a more and specific place assignment next time. It places you out of the context of ignorance, and hey it's mighty fun sometimes too.

Note; allways remind yourself that "you don't need them", and never be sorry to get fired :D

“A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.”
- Oscar Wilde

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