27 September 2006

E-commerce on fertility


So, one thinks there's nothing else to do as a designer than to "do special and weird, but goodlooking" stuff... But yet, false as stated. Specially here, at the agency, it is clear that a designer is not at all the mastercomposer. As a designer you must bend your mind, creativity and thoughts so to sort and fit them with all others on the floor. And most of the times even if you're right, you're not, ther's always someone around who's older more experienced.. thus knows better how and what (uhu right)

But anyway, you're young, dynamic, (ya wanna kill'em all but yow) you just move onto the next case and hope that.. You keep quiet and go home, where there's more work for you.. freelance yeah!! Those're the jobs a designer can do whatever the **** he wants to do... party >> and WRONG again. Forgot about that client huh, after all it's he's money.

So bending again, making sacrifices.. keep it cool and make the best of it. *sigh
I've been working with "De verdwaalde ooievaar" on their site on fertility. It's a website where people can go and get some info on what to do when you, or somebody you know can get some kids on 'natural' ways. For all the good purposes!

Now it's testing week, so please go and visit, read and bleed.. and notify me, please, about the design, usability and possible bugs in the coding. (And favor me, it's very serious business so please be polite)


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