26 December 2007

CR top ten stories list 2007

The top ten stories on CR Blog in 2007, by number of page views, were…

1 Australian creative agency Glue Society’s re-imagining of some key Biblical events in the The Bible According To Google Earth
2 Artist covers car in, err, lots of other cars: James Ford and The General Carbuncle
3 The Money Maker: an interview with Dutch designer Ootje Oxenaar, creator of beautiful banknotes with hidden messages
4 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Gorilla: love it or hate it, you all had an opinion on it
5 Pepper’s Ghost and a touch of modern technology combine to create a fashion show to remember in Diesel Show - Underwater Magic
6 Kate Moss - The Brand: whereby we discovered the formula for massively increased web traffic - Peter Saville plus Kate Moss equals a match made in page view heaven
7 Helga Steppan - Be Long A Part: photographer groups belongings according to colour
8 Guess Who?: the illustrations of Noma Barr
9 Cadbury’s Gorilla Unmasked: still can’t believe it wasn’t Phil
10 Fresh Off The Factory Floor: the Hacienda must be built, and you must buy these very expensive limited edition trainers to keep the memory alive

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