27 February 2008

The end of LinkedIn

Relationships Matter, right.

Can a Network-platform like LinkedIn still keep it's credibility if I could connect with Barack Obama? Or is this platform tending to be crushed in the "click-n-connect like hell"-fair just like Facebook and MySpace.

The value of these platforms decreases awfully fast and tends to be an empty-box, just like Second Life, afterall. They'll all, sooner or later, become so called "interactive institutes to show off, impress and boost the fictive online identity of unexisting beings"

1 comment:

  1. The comparison with Second Life is somewhat (completely to be more precise :-)) wrong. Second Life had no added value, besides entertainment.

    LinkedIN has a very clear added value: building a professional network of connections. That makes it more viable than Second Life without a doubt.

    This being said, I also dislike the fact that it is becoming this easy to connect with "people" like Barack Obama. But to state that is becoming an institute filled with unexisting beings is exaggerated :-).