11 May 2009

AdAge Digital Report: SawHorse Media

Inside an emerging Twitter-Based Media Company: SawHorse Media

SawHorse Media organises various sources of Twitter content:
Musebin aggregates Twitter music-reviews
MuckRack aggregates realtime Twitter output of US journalists
Venture Maven aggregates the Tweets of venture capitalists
Giant Red Carpet pulls together Twitter and celebrities
The Pet Feed follows animal and pet activities
The Shorty Awards honor the best producers of short content on Twitter. Award winners were recognized in 26 official categories and over 1,000 user generated categories for 2008. The first award ceremony took place on February 11, 2008. The event was hosted by CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, and special guests MC Hammer and Gary Vaynerchuk — plus a video appearance by Shaquille O'Neal.

The Shorty Report is a SawHorses referenceguide on how companies are making a big impact with short messages. A research, guidelines and interviews with the leading companies on twitter: @starbucks @jetblue @wholefoods @marvel @nasa @comcast @kodak @marriott @zappos

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