04 May 2009

Student Seats, free seats for students

Student Seats by Proximity BBDO

We, at BBDO, believe in Reverse Apprenticeship. We do this by allowing those we lead to lead when they feel the need. To embrace this philosophy we started an initiative we call Student Seats. The initiative gives students a chance to participate in business and professional events, after all youngsters can give good and useful input to the seniors of the industry. From time to time we will release free tickets to events related to marketing, communication, social media, design and advertising. Free seats will be announced at our mini-platform http://studentseats.proximity.bbdo.be or handed out to bloggers and student-organisations for distribution.

Our first free event?
Thursday, May 7th. Relationship Marketing Congress by Stichting Marketing

We, as a sponsor of the event, proposed to fill the free seats with ambitious conversation-savvy youngsters.

FREE TICKETS to an event that costs businesspeople an entrance-fee worth €315! Our definition of "The Right Message At The Right Time". #crisis #opportunity #proximitybbdo #adnerds

The Relationship Marketing Congres is a series of lectures about the newest trends in marketing. We, Proximity BBDO, will talk about how brands can plan and measure an effective social media strategy.

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