05 September 2009

Cause mayhem in your social circle, bet your followers.

Bet Your Followers is a Twitter game to lets you gamble your followers as currency.

Everyone's got followers to spare

What the heck is “Bet Your Followers”?
A Twitter app that lets you wager your followers for the chance of winning more.
How do I play?

Sign in with your Twitter account by clicking the big button. Twitter will ask if you want to connect your account to Bet Your Followers — click "Allow." Then choose which followers you want to bet and start shaking it like a polaroid picture. Battle other Twitter friends — if you defeat them, you win followers. If you lose, you lose followers — seriously!

How many Twitter followers can I win?
That depends on how many you bet. You can bet up to 5 followers and win up to 5 followers per round. Gamble until your energy runs out, and come back for more.
Having many followers is important to Twitter.

Why should I risk mine?
Everyone has someone to lose.

Who are the followers I might win?
They come from all over Twitter — maybe you'll make a new friend or two.

Via ThreeMinds

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