10 November 2006

Me and Maeda

Yes, i know.. allmost unbelievable but yet as true as black not being white.

Me and this funky-smart-very-funny-in-a-way-master of new media designers all around the globe. He lectured in Brussels, 30 march 2006. The day after i attended his workshop on "understanding coding and it's realm, on designing by numbers". ll post some more stuff later on,.. i have some funny movies and all. Why this post only pops up now, well » check earlier posts: i'm cleaning up my system and stumbling upon a lot of stuff which i archived over the past couple of years.

So expect a lot more... very very very sooooooooon :)

Meanwhile ll have a nap, it's getting late, i'm talking to the screen again and i have to get up in few hours to meet Mieke and have hardcore discussion on classified usabilty-design uhuegh what have i gotten myself into ;) Damn, i love my work more then life now ain't that somethin'

night night

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