23 April 2007

human cities festival

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for collaborators for the "performance" that will be done at Flagey (Ixelles) on the 22nd of may at 6pm.
I will present my project dis-connected during the human cities festival
(more info on http://disconnectedmacha.wordpress.com)
That will be fun and just for an hour or two maximum.
I need:
-3 persons in charge of the helmets
-1 or 2 volunteers to distribute flyers with me
-1 or 2 others that would like to record the event (video, photo,...)
and some more to play the game...

btw, can someone drive a van? or do have a van????

Many thanks for your answer, if you're in just tell me what you will prefer to do.
Tournée générale after the event!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks darling!
    But are you in?

    For the volunteers, mail me at mlaure5@gmail.com