20 April 2007

JA! ik doe mee

Héeee doe je mee? Yes i'll join you (*unk!?-)

Group 94 designed a website for Mortier who has just finished creating the JA! campaign. It's a teasing for ... well I'm not going to be spoiling all the fun. (btw word on the street is that Mortier is hiring a new actor in "thuis", a soap on the vrt The actor will be a notary trying to get rid of the dull and dusty image people have of notaries. I wonder if they'll stop beating money out of our pockets still...) The JA! website kinda acts like a community for tags and shout-out including the word JA (=YES in dutch), it's generating extra "talking clouds" with inputted text. Go say YES, but don't forget to ad please.

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