15 June 2007

Connecting the Dots


Came across a blog recently titled Everything is Design.' What I liked about it right off the bat was that it consolidated some fantastic links related to design/user experience etc.' This is value.' Valuable to me because it's all in one place and saves me time and effort.
I'll eventually be adding many of these to my blogroll.' And I think this supports the theory of 'community clusters' which I use in my visual above.' Blogs are connectors—they have the ability to connect communities of both similar and different interests.' Sometimes the communities are closely linked as is the case here—and sometimes the communities are vastly diverse in content and perspective.' Back to 'community clusters' imagine if we erased the lines in this visual which connect them?' How boring would that be?

Now for the links:
24 Ways
A List Apart
Adaptive Path
Boxes and Arrows
Brain Sparks
Dan Brown's Green Onions.com
Dancing Mango
David Crow
Elegant Hack
Engage! Interaction Design
Experience Planner
Functioning Form
Graph Paper
Information Design
Jesse James Garrett's Hidden Agenda
Looks Good Works Well
Mike Madaio
Noise Between Stations
O Danny Boy
Partial Recall
Putting People First
Rashmi Sinha
Read/Write Web
Riander Blog
Signal vs. Noise
Standards Schmandards
The interation designer's coffee break
Total Experience
Yahoo! User Interface Blog
Zeldman's Daily Report

(Via Logic+Emotion.)

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