19 July 2007

Human Trafficking



Taulant Bushi

Parsons School of Design


Project Description:
For his Communication Design thesis class at Parsons School of Design, Taulant Bushi created this striking poster which examines global human trafficking. It depicts each country's level of involvement (from Very High to Very Low) as either a country of destination or origin. While this poster is aimed to be aesthetically pleasing, its primary purpose is to display information clearly, in different levels of hierarchy, each becoming clearer in different stages, in order to educate and incite protestation.

All research data came from sources such as the UN and a few other organizations that maintain databases of numbers regarding abuse towards women and children. The project concentrates on the smuggling of people from one country to another - mainly illegally. In many cases these people are forced to do work that is illegal, such as prostitution or child labor.

All of the text on either side of the circular design covers detailed information made available for each country. The idea of the poster is that the closer the viewer gets to it, more detailed information is revealed, such as numbers of children of a specific country being involved in prostitution or child labor, or other information. Unfortunately, there's not enough resolution to appreciate the detailed information on the poster, but the overall outcome is easily perceived.

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