12 July 2007

Standard screen resolution

As a webdesigner one often wonders for what resolution to layout the core-content. As I'm working on a 23" Cinema Display I'm totally disconnected to what most viewers experience going to most websites. A site should be optimized for different types and sizes, off course, but still. I've been tracking Google Analytics on various websites quiet some time now and finally some valuable figures have shown.I'll be posting intersting conclusions and/or figures under the label "statistics" from now.

This graph clearly shows that 1024x768 is fully embedded as the global standard, hardly anyone works on 800x600 anymore. Also notice that widescreens are on a rise, I think that we'll be facing another problem within a max of 3 years; a global standard like 1024x768 will dissapear and various types of widescreens will rule (possibly brands are going to set standard because of highest sales on a particular product)

— "See the forest and the trees", Google Analytics

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