19 July 2007

Linux Kernel Graphing Project

Rusty Russel



Project Description:
The original Linux Kernel Graphing Project was a bold undertaking by Rusty Russel which resulted in a complex graph of all the .c files in the 2.4.0 Linux Kernel: each function graphically represented and named, resulting in 180MB of PostScript.

Another version of the graph, developed by Creinig for V2.5.2, took the Linux Kernel source distribution, crunched over it for about 35 minutes on a 400MHz machine / 11 minutes on a 1.2GHz Athlon, requiring up to 90MB RAM at peak times and about 240MB disk space (without kernel sources) and finally produced a ~22MB postscript file of the poster.

The latest attempt by Creinig, with 2.6 Kernel, took about 20 minutes to generate in a 2.2GHz P4.

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