13 November 2008


Originally uploaded by Joshua Davis.

Quote Josh:

"Molly O'Donnell from Baltimore, Maryland just mailed me to show off her new tattoo she just got.

To my surprise and delight she's working on a half sleeve from my Once Upon a Forest series entitled "Maxalot".

I have been getting tattooed myself for about 15 years... way before I started writing programs to generate compositions. Because of this I have decided that none of of my tattoos should be generative. My tattoos should always be standard analog drawings.


The answer is simple and Molly O'Donnell is the perfect example... I know I would want this generative work from my head to my toes. Molly... I love your tattoo and wish I could have it.

I'm honored that you would pick my work. Send us more pictures as you get it colored."

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