26 November 2008

Colors as USP


While Nike is just out launching it's pink soccer shoe, yes PINK soccer shoe...Mercurial Vapor Rosa. They claim that you have to have such a nerve wearing them that you have to be really good. In other words, everybody will slaughter you on the pitch and in the dug-out wearing those pussy shoes unless you're the best guy out there. Good thinking

You’re all thinking of Cristiano Ronaldo or Ribery, right?

Well, this superb viral »

Nike shows the reactions of various personalities to their new Mercurial Rosa pink boots. My personal highlights are Jeff Stelling mulling over whether to take a macho stance against the Rosas from the comfort of his pink shirt, and the sheer look of disgust on Martin O’Neill’s face!


Yahoo goes purple, and pretty much down to purple with their campaign: Start wearing purple

With this Yahoo has unveiled a new campaign taht embraces indivuality, fashion, style, art and personality. Creating a gallery to showcase people who "wear purple" everyday. Wearing purple means different things to different people. To Yahoo its about putting your personal stamp on life - the way you dress, a change you made in your community or your outlook on life.

If you wear purple they want to hear about it!

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