05 June 2009

The new typestar of the Emtype Foundry - EMT Geogrotesque

EMT Geogrotesque

Geogrotesque is a semi modular with a subtle rounded finish type face, designed by Eduardo Manso. I've recently fallen in love with this font and convinced our design-leaders to acquire it for our license portfolio. Ever since all type-freaks have been trying and testing it. Hopefully a good competition for the over-hip FF DIN and ever cool ITC Avant Garde. All the Geogrotesque characters are based in the same formal principle with its corresponding optical adjustments in order to adapt the system to an alphabet for texts. 
Although the type family has a geometric or “technological” construction, the rounded finish provides it a warm appearance, making the typefaces more accessible.

Geogrotesque has been conceived to be used as a display typeface in publications or intermediate length texts, most of all the Thin and Ultralight weights which were meant to be used in big sizes.

The type family consists of 7 weights: Thin, Ultralight, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold and Bold and it’s available in Open Type format.

Geogrotesque is available from Emtype Foundry, FontShop and MyFonts

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