16 July 2009

Proximity BBDO opens a new agency called The Farm

The Farm by Proximity BBDO
The Farm is an exclusive summercamp for graduates.

Talented and ambitious starters will be challenged to start a new agency. Proximity BBDO will train 12 graduates and take them through the world of digital and interactive marketing.

Screening the youngsters - Proximity BBDO Team
Last Wednesday we screened 56 graduates and selected 12 to form two teams this summer. 1 team contains 6 profiles: an Account Executive, a Strategic Planner, an Art Director Online and one Offline, a Copywriter and a Web/Graphic Designer. This summer our 12 recruits are: Laura Verstraeten, Olivier Berger, Helen Bogaerts, Sofie De Clercq, Tom Vingerhoets, Nicolas Moerman, Kasper Vandenbussche, Sven Augusteynes, Jolijn Gijssels, Sven Thierie, Maarten Lauwaert and Bram Ceuppens.

In 3 weeks, the 'intensive program' will cover interactive workshops about social media, viral marketing en brand building. Amongst the tutors are many celebrated leaders of the Direct & Interactive divisions of Proximity BBDO, one of Belgium's largest full service agencies.

The Farm is a professional intensive training program, offered free of charge. Attendees will be housed in a supplied mansion just outside Brussels - http://www.villakortenberg.be

The 'best of class' will be send out to one of the networks' best agencies abroad.


  1. Great company of talented individuals. The program and workshops will help them learn and grow more.

  2. I am pursuing Graduation. can I join this camp. It is looking very attractive and nice... Thanks for this post. I will definitely visit this site again...
    Shelly kane
    Social Media Advertising