12 May 2008

OFFF 2008 - All Of Us

They made a website for Aiwa with the concept of only using audio and animation, so using no words next to the products but in the end they had to add the productnames and stuff which really is a pitty but, nice stuff. Next to that they worked with W+K, but like all Ad-agencies a big oganised nightmare of disorder pushes them away from no wanting to work for ad-agencies too much. Also they made a small piece and installation in a hospital, to enlighten the patients mind, to distract him/her and ease somehow the stress before going into surgery.

"Inspiration comes from a physical outside not a digital inside, it has to move from out within"

Inspiratioinal examples were: a lamp with a bookmark attached to it, the lamp goes out when teh book is closed. They did a cool installation in a fashionstore, peole could post "sexy" images of themselfs in a dressingbooth...

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