14 May 2008

OFFF 2008 - Networking

You might think an OFFF event in Lisbon is all about the looking and the party, and not a chance some-one'd be able to meet-n-greet some interesting belgian agencies or designers right, you feel me comming, you guessed wrong! First and all I met The Infamous Rizon Parein at the Soulwax party, he was accompanied with them guys of Glossy.tv who feature a magical strong design portfolio I must admit, working for several ad-agencies across the country working cool clients like Quinze&Milan, Nike, Nokia, Playstation, CultureClub and many others (pictures at end of this post) I also saluted Mr.Henry at the bar and was additionally accompanied with a bunch of designers I was travelling with of course.

This is Glossy.tv ! >

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