12 May 2008

OFFF 2008 - Group 94 workshop

may 8 - 12h30 (delayed 30 min)

* hard to find a network connection ... so yes, my kingdom for a bloody wi-fi, that works. It's something to do with them prefs, cuz although i have a conn I can't seem to tune in on it. Aiight. Do it bloody analog then, huh huh.

Ok, a workshop about webusability. A talk about the dilemma between flash and html in webdesign.
Talking about the own Group 94 site, and the choices made there. An quick intro by Pascal

Pros and cons Flash:
- transitions more engaging user-experience
- no pointing to specific underlaying pages
- making content searchable is hard to implement without the flash-object usage
- Google ranking solution by swf-adress

Portfolio examples:
- Lauren Greenfield, full flash-content but on different pages, using full-flash templates

Talking by Tom (the tallguy), he's a designer and developer at Group94.

• Building the Group 94 website
Looking for the woooaw-effect, designers can just mess around with unlimited ways to go, but then going over to development is another horse to shave. Customer > Concept > Design > Code > User: click and destroy it to go fast fast fast click click click. (Tom forgot to put a hit-frame on his btns ;)) It's build upon a mix of html and flash template CMS. Existing of content-modules: content, news and content.

• Using the SWF-ADDRESS
About the company website, using javascript for a start; to make it possible to bookmark specific sections in the website, forcing the adress-bar to change url and off course caching it in the history. The swf-address, programmed by Asual, deep linking for flash and AJAX (uses swf-object).

SWF-ADDRESS 1: _rootURL/#/deeperContent everything behind the first slash is client-side so there's where 1 had into javascript and force it.

SWF-ADDRESS 2: using server-side .htaccess the adressbar doesn't change but redirects it to the correct contentpage being in this case the contactpage.

• Implementing a SEO and disabling the javescript
The Flash doesn't show because everything is redirected via the javascript for launching the javascript. So the serachthrough has to be hardcoded, as well as for Google. Being in need of a sidemap, using plain xml with all possible links.
People can upload images to their server for a display

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