29 August 2009

Proximity BBDO announces it's Best Of Class - Strategist Nicolas Moerman - The Farm edition 2009

Nicolas Moerman - Strategist at The Farm by Proximity BBDO

We have appointed Strategist Nicolas Moerman for the Best Of Class scholarship.

Nicolas will soon be send to The Mothership in London. After 3 weeks of learning, sharing, interacting and creating we had to elect 1 chosen one. Our first edition of The Farm ended yesterday. A series of interviews and observation sessions stacked elaborate files on each participant, which led us to a long and tiring meeting. I guess I mustn't tell you that all participants contributed the strength of the Team. But, as we promised, only one of them could be granted that €1500 lot and seat in the London office. To select the Best Of Class we considered a broad range of criteria.

Nicolas proved his strengths as a Strategist being able to shape Client input to a tight Creative Brief, he proved to be a premium Digital Native because of his thorough knowledge of technological possibilities and Social Media. He knows who to talk to. He was responsible for one third — 4950 people have visited The Farm blog since August 7 — of the platform's traffic and about one fifth of the content. One might argue that he is a noisy bastard — and he is — but luckily he has learned to keep quiet when needed. We don't blame him for his youthful enthusiasm of course. He is able to jump-start the creative process and mostly assesses good ideas correctly. Overall he is fascinated by marketing, technology and advertising which, we believe, is a good mix. Nicolas has a natural appetite for selling products and services the new media way.

He considers himself to have weird sense of humor and is without any doubt a major a geek. A marketing addict, bitten by the interactive advertising bug. No doubt he'll blend into the British Empire squad in no time. We wish him all the luck, and Godspeed.


  1. Thx Grapplica for making The Farm such a great experience!

  2. sounds like Nicolas would make for a good AdNerd ;-)

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